D-LITE HR SOLUTIONS is one of mapped Human Resource solutions provider enabled in handling and providing customized Solutions on International Recruitment professionals from all over the world to companies within Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


Recruiting predominantly for the Asia, African, European and Middle Eastern markets, D-LITE HR SOLUTIONS has managed to concentrate its efforts on delivering highly qualified Expats professionals for short or long term projects and permanent in-house positions at companies within these regions. D-LITE HR SOLUTIONS has built its reputation by providing the highest standard of services while demonstrating honesty and integrity to both our clients and applicants alike.





·       Leadership, top management and middle-management hiring.

·       Specialize across verticals, functions and domains.

·       In-house advisory panel including Leaders and Specialists across geography, function and industry.

·       Faster turn-around-time for Businesses because of relevant recommendations.

·       Sourcing is quality-driven rather than quantity-driven